Our Causes

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Advocates For The Seniors

The West Savannah Community Organization strives to be an advocate for the seniors.  We believe that seniors within this community who have the tendency to isolate themselves from  society are at a higher risk for being victimized by abuse or a scam.  Some of the most prominent crimes are against property or assets are transferred in exchange for promises of care that do not transpire. At times, it is simply common theft. No matter the issue, we strive to raise awareness and protection against crime, identity theft, Medicaid or disability fraud and more.

We want to find ways to help our seniors stay socially active through groups and activities.  The West Savannah Community Organization wants seniors to have an understanding of the financial, health, housing, energy, transportation and other service that are available to help improve their everyday living. We aspire to bridge the gap between millennials and seniors ultimately creating a volunteer-based assistance programing focused on the beautification of the community and every day living of the seniors.

Vocational Opportunities

The West Savannah Community Organization wants to create more jobs and internship opportunities for the residents within the community.  We want to keep everyone informed of all upcoming job fairs, hiring events and training ventures. Knowledge is power and underemployment or unemployment are correlating factors to crime and poverty. We want to attract more businesses to the area and bring more revenue back into our local storefronts.


Our youth need a safe, nurturing  environment that they can go to relax from the stressors of everyday life. The West Savannah Community Organizations wants to promote athletics, independence and unity through offering a place where children, adolescent and teens can go participate in ongoing activities, sports and events. We strongly believe that it takes a village and an occupied mind is less likely to be involved in gangs  or harmful behavior.

Community Development

Improper maintenance, uncut yards, and boarded up or abandoned properties take away from the historical beauty of our community. It decreases property value and minimizes the likelihood of the attraction of new business owners. As we advocate for additional funding, we plan to continue to push for the ongoing development of this community through the construction of a grocery store, renovation and repair of old homes, and volunteer-based lawn care teams of youth and young adults that want to assist our seniors that may be unable to afford or be able to maintain a clean yard themselves.


The West Savannah Community Organization strives to increase the level of education amongst the residents within the community through the creation of programs and simple exposure to more knowledge and resources.  Our people perish due to lack of knowledge and more to settle for under employment and underpaying vocational opportunities due to lacking the credentials most employers require for hire. We would like to increase the enrollment of our older generation in adult education or GED courses. It is never too late to start or finish. This organization aspires to see more entrepreneurs and business owners come from its very own neighborhood. Higher education paves the way to new heights and opportunistic doors.